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  • Inspire

    Want to change the world? You can with a book full of inspiring stories that hook the reader's emotions and takes them on a journey they'll never forget. (Any book can be inspiring, even if you're writing on a dry subject.)

  • Educate

    You'll create your own original frameworks to help your readers actually get the results you're promising them. Best of all, your book will be designed around the way the brain learns, so it creates the lasting impact you desire.

  • Sell

    When written with the right structure, your book has the power to attract clients and customers, bring you speaking gigs, and set you up as the go-to expert in your industry. You'll discover the four ways to offer additional resources and support in your book (without over selling

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What's Inside

Expert Instruction and Accountability To Get It DONE!

  • 1

    ORIENTATION -- Watch This First

    • Here's How To Find Your Way Around
  • 2


    • Here's how to get support and accountability for your writing.
  • 3

    Planning Your Book

    • Welcome to Module 1
    • Why Plan Your Book?
    • What's Your Goal?
    • Who Is Your Reader? And What Do They Really Want?
    • What Type Of Book Should You Write?
    • How To Choose A Working Title, Subtitle, and Cover
    • How To Get Your Reader To Take Action
    • What Publishing Options Do You Need To Consider Now?
    • How To Plan Your Book Budget
    • How To Plan For A Successful Experience
    • How To Create (and follow) A Timeline For Success
    • Module 1 Audios
    • Module 1 Video Slides
    • Strategic Planning Workbook
  • 4

    Building Your Platform (Your Following)

    • Introduction to Module 2
    • Welcome To Platform Building
    • Setting Up Your Platform
    • Creating Relevant Content
    • Final Tips On Building Your Following
    • Module 2 Audios
    • Module 2 Video Slides
  • 5

    Writing & Editing Your Book

    • Introduction to Module 3
    • Building An Outline That Sets You Up For Success
    • Building Your Unique Framework
    • Fleshing Out The Chapters
    • Starting Your First Draft
    • What To Do After The First Draft
    • Efficient and Successful Editing
    • Preparing Your Final Manuscript
    • Module 3 Audios
    • Module 3 Video Slides
  • 6

    Publishing & Distribution

    • Introduction to Module 4
    • Pros And Cons Of Traditional Publishing (and how to land one)
    • Book Proposal Checklist
    • Pros And Cons of Self Publishing
    • What Is Indie Publishing?
    • Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Publishing
    • Final Decisions You Need To Make About Your Book (that you probably never thought about)
    • Nailing Your Cover Design
    • What You Need To Know About Interior Layout And Formatting
    • Choosing The Right Metadata (so readers can find you)
    • Metadata Master List
    • Your Distribution Options
    • Self-Publishing Step-By-Step Walk Through
    • Module 4 Audios
    • Module 4 Video Slides
  • 7

    Launch & Marketing

    • Introduction to Module 5
    • Time To Launch Your Book
    • Planning Your Launch Campaign
    • How (and why) To Collect Reviews
    • Getting Media Publicity
    • What About Press Releases?
    • Ongoing Book Marketing
    • Module 5 Audios
    • Module 5 Video Slides
    • Media Kit Checklist
    • Publicity and Reviews Tracker
  • 8


    • How To Use Instagram To Build Your Platform And Sell More Books - with Warren K. Carlyle

Your Story Matters

You’ll create a completely original framework that pulls you forward through the entire writing process whether you’re stumped, stalled, or just getting started. No cookie-cutter book templates, fill-in-the-blank formulas, or business-card books that get ignored.

Meet Your Instructor

Julie Anne Eason

Julie Anne Eason

Julie Anne Eason is CEO of Thanet House Books as well as a best-selling author, speaker, and publisher. She started her professional writing career 25+ years ago covering school board meetings for the local newspaper. She struggled to overcome the typical freelance feast-or-famine cycle of low-paying jobs and rose to join the top 1% of writers in the US. She has ghostwritten multimillion-dollar books such as Expert Secrets and DotComSecrets for Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels, and also wrote The Profitable Business Author. Her latest book, The Work at Home Success Guide, is quickly becoming a must-read for freelancers or remote employees or anyone who aspires to be one. Julie Anne’s passion is helping people produce books that inspire, educate, and sell.

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